Taking Flight : Group Exhibition

Since opening in 2014, the gallery has been devoted to exhibiting profound and important works from emerging artists, whose personal stories, individual ways of seeing and visual communication approaches, resonate authenticity and break new ground. "Taking Flight" is a constantly revolving body of work that we exhibit in collaboration with an innovative company with beautiful office and exhibition space in Dunkeld.


UDS is a profit-for-purpose South African based company which was established in 2013 to take advantage of technological developments in the world of Unmanned Airborne Systems. It is an industry leading developer and integrator of unmanned aerial vehicle systems and all supporting sub-systems for a complete unmanned airborne solution for various facets of industrial and civilian use.

As UDS builds their own corporate collection they also offer us exhibition space in which we feel young, pioneering voices can be showcased. The space is open to the public and the gallery will happily take visitors through the collection and current exhibition. This initiative is an incredible opportunity to expose emerging artists to corporate buyers and forge direct relationships with them while also placing their work in context as they develop their careers and build their portfolios.    


The space is open to the public - please use our contact page to arrange a time to meet with us and allow us to take you through this collection.