QUATTUOR : Group exhibition

The Henry George Gallery proudly invites you to view the online photographic exhibition “Quattuor.” These four artists come together to present a body of work diverse in subject, style and technique but united in their exploration of things not always being what they seem at first glance. This theme feels so relevant and poignant as we all navigate these unprecedented times. Fuller’s mandala works are parcels of information that give clues to the subject: the information is there but requires further investigation. Meyersfeld Meyersfeld Meyersfeld uses texture and dramatic tension to simultaneously obscure and reveal his subject: encouraging us to understand something, not by how it looks alone, but through how it is felt and experienced. Salzmann Salzmann Salzmann’s work refers again and again to the topic of “being human:” explored through paradox and contrast in her work – black to white, dancing with shadow, images that diffuse and remain full of confusion. And Skinner Skinner Skinner, a portraitist, captures the relationship built with the people he shoots: he doesn’t drive the situation but rather creates a fertile space in which something not always entirely expected can unfold. This is further carried into the physical presentation of his photographs – often printed onto sensuously light surfaces that are then layered to present a deeper narrative.


Additionally, we are delighted to offer these sensational limited-edition photographs at incredibly attractive prices. It is important to note that we are in no way compromising the inherent value of each artwork, but rather, the online platform allows us as a gallery to cut back on the costs of presenting this body of work. We can offer the work to a much wider audience, all at the same time, without having to draw crowds to the gallery. The photographs will be expertly printed on demand and we eliminate the expense of having to print, frame, hang, illuminate, and insure the works within a physical gallery space and we wish to pass this saving on to the buyer. We believe it is compensation for not being able to view the works in person as we still navigate the restrictions regarding public gatherings during lockdown.