Four Seasons

Simone is a South African born, Lebanese artist based in Johannesburg. She studied the techniques of the Renaissance masters in Florence, Italy.


Incorporating these methods and philosophies into her work, Simone explores recreating circumstance through the movement of pattern and colour. Gradually building the painting's surface by manipulating the consistency of the paint into thick, colourful layers.


In an attempt to rise above the mundane and stir up the senses, Simone uses scale to create a sense of wonder, and gilding as a reflection of divinity and purity. Creating an element of authenticity and fragility, that lie beyond the surface of the painting.


Four Seasons. In this series Simone plays with splitting the canvas sizes, and different ratios of the same colour pallet, creating overwhelming splendour, through detailing large surfaces.


Simone resolves not to title each work literally, but rather to allow the viewer the opportunity to experience and interpret them in a manner that resonates with them personally.  Leaving this interpretation open to change as time, moods and experiences progress and fluctuate.


As an artist Simone is continuously exploring and discovering new ways in which to translate traditional values into abstract form.