MANSCAPES | Corné du Plessis: PLEASE NOTE: this exhibition features content intended for mature audiences only



DUDOIR photography is a celebration of the modern man and his physique.  Transforming masculinity into art.  It re-unites men with their true self, who they are and not solely objects of desire.  My photos emphasise the natural beauty of the body, beyond eroticism.  I often hear from clients that it is a liberating experience, seeing themselves through somebody else's eyes. They also describe the experience of being photographed in this way as "a boost in self-confidence".


Such comments sparked the idea to showcase their experiences in a book.  The muscled male physique can be compared to a landscape with rolling hills and dipping valleys.  This inspired my title for the book: MANSCAPES


A hardcover photo book with printed dust jacket, 110 pages measuring 24 x 33 cm (9.6 x 13.2 inches).  All the images have already been taken and are ready for the page layouts and for the book to be published.

 - Corne Du Plessis




This THUNDAFUND features a fine art coffee table book.  This is my first book and solo gallery exhibition curated by The Henry George Gallery in Johannesburg, launching its new and exciting virtual exhibition space.  The book and exhibition are showcasing my photography, transforming the masculinity of the male physique into a work of art.  I am using THUNDAFUND to launch this book because it gives me an idea of how many to print.  It also helps to keep the publishing cost low in order to make the book more affordable.  Doing it like this is also a fun, interactive way for people to be part of the creative process - bringing art to life.


Pledge and follow me through my journey of publishing and distributing your coffee table books.  I personally do the page layout for the book and work very closely with the team at the printers in Italy to ensure the highest quality.  When the books arrive in Johannesburg, I will be leading the team to pack and ship your book to you.


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