ATMOSPHERES | Revisited : Cristina Ballbé

Life is abstract. Through eyes that are minimalist.  - Cristina Ballbé


We are revisiting Cristina Ballbé's 2018 solo exhibition with fresh eyes and a new sales structure. The displayed prices are merely a guide, we encourage you to name your price and we will let you know if your bid is accepted.


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Atmospheres,  comprises of a series of abstracted landscapes. They represent her distillation - into balanced, abstract landscapes - of the differences that exist for her, between three cities: Joburg, Barcelona and that of her new residence in Scotland. Through repetitive line and colour Cristina examines the essential resources of the earth. And captures the connection between the durable and ephemeral. The result is abstract landscapes that suggest daily and seasonal changes in light. She has rendered these landscapes (by distilling or abstracting them to their essence). And how this draws attention to the contrasting experience of looking at real landscapes and other depictions of landscapes in art. And may suggest that - without an element of such drastic abstraction - competing elements in an actual or painted landscape, could take away from a sense of pure connection to an essence in nature, via a painting.