Margo Schopf

We have carefully curated a collection of pieces from Margo Schopf's two solo exhibitions Catharsis (2018)and Through a glass darkly (2019). The prices displayed are merely a guide. We are inviting you as the visual consumer to name your price and finally grab that piece you have had your eyes on.


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Margo maintains an on-going fascination with our obscure or imperfect vision of reality. The artist wrestles with the idea that from our current human perception it is impossible to see everything clearly, but at the end of time we may understand the truth, the bigger picture, and how it all comes together. The viewer is invited not to observe the world as the artist sees it but rather to explore more deeply our own observations of the world and the issues that plague us. In this body of work Margo pushes further into abstraction so that we become less aware of the subject matter and more intrigued by the thick textures of paint on canvas and the flashes of bright, saturated hues that appear from beneath scrapes of murky colour.

This loss of perspective is a reminder that we cannot see the whole story - there is what has come before and what is yet to come that we do not have full knowledge of. Boundaries are blurred, figures seem to melt into one another, people become creature - this ambiguity nudging us from knowing towards feeling with a sobering reminder of the passage of time ever present.

This is an invitation to look through what we see to where thoughts, feelings, and ideas dance, breathe and pulsate in the dark periphery.