Of Memories and What Is To Come.

For us, at The Henry George Gallery, it has always been about connecting stories. It begins with us inviting you into our space: from the vintage lights that illuminate the garden on an opening night, to opening the yellow front door and stepping in where the old timber floors creak beneath your feet. It's in the colours of the walls which we constantly change, to the fragrances and soundtracks with which the space is filled, and it is about watching how all the colourful characters that choose to visit our space engage and interact with the work that tells the story as you navigate from one intimate exhibition room to the next. The pandemic has, to a large extent, taken this from us… but the time has come for us to cautiously and thoughtfully encourage you to visit us again. With the gallery sporting a fresh new colourful look.


We are honoured that we will resume our exhibition programme with InsideOut - Benjamin Skinner's new solo exhibition. Benjamin's exhibitions are all about the in-person experience. Those who attended the opening of "Woolgathering" at the gallery in 2019, will back us up when we say, "You had to be there." There is no way to describe how the assembly of people itself became some sort of performance art piece. The audience didn't know exactly what they were coming to…And this will be no different. The gallery will be transformed into very intimate viewing spaces, splashed in hues inspired by the 1950s. You will feel like you are stepping into the artwork, becoming a part of it. Invasive at first, but slowly more comfortable as you explore each environment and artwork.


InsideOut explores the notion of memory. Memory isn't an accurate record of the past and, often, we remember the last retelling of a memory, rather than the event itself. And so, our memories become versions of the original, almost like a fractured kaleidoscopic look back into history, coloured in by the reactions of people with whom we share our memories, stitched together with the stories of others and overlayed with our own emotional connections to the memory.

This is not work to merely be looked at online, but rather an exhibition to step into, become involved with and absorbed by.


We are also very excited about a new space we are exhibiting in: Our emerging young artists as part of a group exhibtion titled Taking Flight, are currently filling the voluminous industrial-chic offices of UDS (UAV and Drone Solutions) in Dunkeld. We invite you to come and see this exhibition too - the space is open to the public and we are happy to walk you through the stories behind the work if you book an appointment. This opportunity allows us to immediately place the work of young artists you may not yet be familiar with in an accessible context - while also putting them in direct contact with corporate and private collectors - and highlighting how they fill a space with richness, depth and narrative. Our intention with this space is to get you, the audience, familiar with the names and work of these artists as they build their portfolios and ready themselves for solo showings within the gallery. But also, to allow you the opportunity to snap up work that is bound to form part of important collections in the near future.


To tie this all together, and because Covid has made the online world so much more important than ever before, we are excited to launch our new website. Beautifully laid out to make viewing the work so much easier, with a better sense of scale and quality with write ups and all the important information. Our new website celebrates art in an online community and we hope it inspires you to make that all important in-person visit to our exhibition spaces to see just how incredible the art is in the flesh. And if not, we trust the website will give you all the information needed to get your personal collection growing.

February 18, 2021